Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall 2009


Cherish said...

I clicked over and none of the pictures woudl come up. Do you know of a special trick? I even used two servers.

The top bar is darling though!

We leave in the morning wahoo!

Cherish said...

Never mind it worked now! Adorable I can't believe how grown up they look! It will be fun to meet you guys

Tina said...

Hi - Do you guys live in Park City. We are just starting our adoption journey and would love to talk to you. My email is P.S. your girls are so beautiful.

Kameron said...

Noel, Can you please contact me asap? We are thinking of using West Sands and I can't really find any info on them. I would appreciate hearing about your experience with them.
We are deciding in the next week or so. Hope to here from you soon.

Here is my email:
- Kameron Shadrick

Laura said...

You've been awarded the kreative blogger award, go to my blog and check out the honors

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